Britain- Pop/Rock music

The Beatles are and English rock band that began in Liverpool in 1960. They were one of the most successful bands in the history of modern music. The Beatles did not only perform rock music, they also used classical, psychedelic rock, and pop genres in their music. The members of the band were:
John Lennon, who played rhythm guitar 
Paul McCartney, who played bass guitar and keyboard
George Harrison, who played lead guitar and sitar
Ringo Star, who played drums and percussion.

Their manger was Brian Epstien and George Martin produced all of their singles and album except for Let It Be, which was produced by Phil Spencer. Almost all of their music was produced at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Abbey road

On March 22 1963 The Beatles’ released Please Please Me, their first studio album. The release was recorded quickly to capitalise on the success of the single Please Please Me, which had come out two months earlier, and went to number two. Please Please Me changed the face of modern music, and cemented The Beatles as a phenomenon. At a time when the UK album charts were dominated by film soundtracks and easy listening vocalists, this pop record stayed at number one for 30 weeks in 1963, only to be replaced by the band’s second album, With the Beatles.

The Beatles have 5 films: Hard day’s night (1964), Help! (1965), Magical Mystery Tour ( 1967), Yellow submarine cartoon (1968) and Let It Be (1969)

Links to music:
please please me
let it be
Hard day’s night
Hey Jude


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