America- Traditional Music

Taditional american music is often roots or folk. It is called roots music because it was the basis (or root) for other styles of music that later developed in America, including Rock and Roll and Jazz. The main difference between roots and folk is that roots covers a slightly wider range, including country and blues.

Native American Music
Native american music is usually sung in a choir, but some places prefere solo singing. Lots of the song are related to spirituality or life-cycle events. In many cultures music is an integral part of religious ceremonies that are crucial to prayer, worship, and often healing. For example, yebichai songs of the Nightway ceremony of the Navajo people calls upon the gods to bring supernatural power and blessing to help cure a sick person.

Native American traditions generally only use membranophones (drums), idiophones (rattles and shakers), and some aerophones (winds). Melody instruments are limited to aerophones such as flutes and, in limited cases, horns or single-reed winds.



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